The used abbreviations are: Indicates the likelihood of finding the card in a booster pack. See also: TCG-Only Dinosaurs, TCG Dinosaur Abilities, and TCG Move Cards. 5.0 out of 5 stars 1. Collect them all! Once a Dinosaur is on your mat, it is call "in play." DINOSAUR KING BLACK RAMPAGE TRADING CARDS FOILS & ULTRA RARE COLOSSALS. Some Dinosaurs have special abilities that make them more powerful! Skybox 1994 Disney Lion King Series 1 Trading Cards Over 250 Cards From The Original Release Of The Movie The Lion King In The 1990'Sbeautiful Color Still Frame Illustrations From The Movie. C $25.86 + shipping . Something went wrong. "Upgraded" Special Dinosaur cards have a "-" in place of a number in their Level circle, indicating that they can be played on any turn. There seems to be a problem serving the request at this time, Showing slide {CURRENT_SLIDE} of {TOTAL_SLIDES} - Best Selling, {"modules":["unloadOptimization","bandwidthDetection"],"unloadOptimization":{"browsers":{"Firefox":true,"Chrome":true}},"bandwidthDetection":{"url":"","maxViews":4,"imgSize":37,"expiry":300000,"timeout":250}}, Dinosaur King Trading Card Game 2008 Upper Deck Tkcg Booster Pack NISP, Dinosaur King Alpha Dinosaurs Attack Booster Pack 50 Packs of 9 Cards per Pack. Add that number to the Dinosaur's Power. | Free shipping on many items! Dinosaur King TCG Choose 1 … | Browse our daily deals for even more savings! C $23.27. Millions of products all with free shipping Australia wide. Each card consists of an image, the dinosaur’s name and meaning, what they ate, some of their main characteristics, what time period they are from, their size, and what animal order they fall under. If a Dinosaur has abilities, their Power is decreased according to the potential benefit of the ability balanced with how easy the ability is to use. Your deck has to have at least 40 cards (not counting your Character). Dinosaur King TCG Choose 1 Black Dinosaur Rampage Card from List. Some Dinosaurs and a few Moves instead feature italicized text, which merely describes an aspect of the real-life dinosaur or how the action of the Move would occur (only the Moves Tail Slam and Dino Stomp lack abilities). or Best Offer. During a battle, each battling Dinosaur can use 1 Move. Dinosaur King Arcade Cards SEGA *YOU CHOOSE* from Series 2 3rd Edition. Dinosaur King SIX Alpha Dinosaurs Attack Booster Packs Containing 5 Cards Per Pack (30 Total Cards) ... dinosaur king cards trading cards Dinosaur King TCG - Series 1: Base Set: Card Gallery, Dinosaur King TCG - Series 2: Colossal Team Battle, Dinosaur King TCG - Series 2: Colossal Team Battle: Card Gallery, Dinosaur King TCG - Series 3: Alpha Dinosaurs Attack, Dinosaur King TCG - Series 3: Alpha Dinosaurs Attack: Card Gallery, Dinosaur King TCG - Series 4: Black Dinosaur Rampage, Dinosaur King TCG - Series 4: Black Dinosaur Rampage: Card Gallery, Dinosaur King TCG - Series 5: Dinotector Showdown, Dinosaur King TCG - Series 5: Dinotector Showdown: Card Gallery, Dinosaur King TCG - Series 6: Time Warp Adventures, Dinosaur King TCG - Series 6: Time Warp Adventures: Card Gallery, Dinosaur King TCG - Series 7: Spectral Armor Shock, Dinosaur King TCG - Series 7: Spectral Armor Shock: Card Gallery, Dinosaur King TCG - Series 8: Jurassic Clash, Dinosaur King TCG - Special: Collectors' Tins, Dinosaur King TCG - Starter 1: Starter Set, Dinosaur King TCG - Starter 2: Dino Slash. Get the best deal for Trading Card Games Dinosaur King TCG from the largest online selection at For example, you can only Dino Slash an "Ace (Battle Mode)" by placing it on top of an "Ace". You can also use Moves to power-up your Dinosaurs and surprise your opponent. Dinosaur Trading Cards for Boys Adults Girls Bundle Series 2 Multi Pack Clade-Gravim Three 5 Packs Discard: Some card abilities, like Patagosaurus' [Exchange] ability, tell a player to "discard." Aug 6, 2017 - Explore Chase Orlandini's board "Dinosaur King Cards", followed by 105 people on Pinterest. Shop our selection of Dinosaur King Trading Cards from Upper Deck. Dinosaur King TCG : Trading Card Games [12/33]. Charging Styracosaurus wins! They can be bought on Ebay or another online retailer for any kind of Dinosaur King merchandise. ## - (name of episode)". (Dino Slash only) For example, Utahraptor has a special ability called [Storm]. Moves + characters. Dinosaur King Trading Card Game Series 4 Black Dinosaur Rampage Booster Pack. If your child loves Dinosaur King, then they will probably love these cards. Attacking Directly: When you attack directly with a Dinosaur, there is no battle. Power for Dinosaur cards is directly related to both Level and abilities: all chibi Special Dinosaurs have 800 Power (700 in DKDS and SAS); all other Level 1 Dinosaurs with no abilities have 1200 Power; all Level 2 Dinosaurs with no abilities have 1300 Power; all Level 3 Dinosaurs with no abilities have 1500 Power; all Level 4 Dinosaurs with no abilities have 1700 Power; all Level 5 Dinosaurs with no abilities have 1900 Power; no Level 6 or 7 Dinosaur is without abilities, but Level 6 Dinosaurs with average abilities have 2000 Power, and Level 7 Dinosaurs can have up to 2400 Power; Level 6 Black Dinosaurs can have 2400-2500 Power; all Battle Mode Special Dinosaurs have 1500 Power; all Dinotector Special Dinosaurs have 2000 Power; and all Spectral Armor Special Dinosaurs have 2500 Power. The TCG made many Move Card Dinosaurs into regular Dinosaurs: for example, Minmi, a Grass Move Dinosaur in the arcade game became an Earth dinosaur in the TCG; Futabasaurus and Seismosaurus, Water and Grass Move Dinosaurs respectively, became Water Dinosaurs; and Velociraptor, Troodon, and Gallimimus, Normal Move Dinosaurs, became Wind Dinosaurs. Moves have a Power number. Also, make sure that you have Dinosaurs of different levels in your deck. please text or phone, 1.5 . Each pack has different cards, and some kinds of cards are harder to find than others. There are several types of cards in the TCG, each of which can be referred to separately in an effect. $59.99 $ 59. In the Dinosaur King™ Trading Card Game, you use your Dinosaurs to battle your opponent's Dinosaurs, just like Max and the rest of the D-Team. 0 bids. LEGO 31058 Creator Mighty Dinosaurs Toy, 3 in 1 Model, Triceratops and Pterodactyl Dinosaur Figures, Modular Building System 4.8 out of 5 stars 3,780 £9.75 £ 9 . 6 product ratings - 2x ALPHA DINOSAURS ATTACK Dinosuar King TCG BOOSTER PACKS -18 cards - USA Seller, Slide {current_page} of {total_pages} - You May Also Like. Based on the popular Dinosaur King TV Series, this is an easy to play, fun, action-packed trading … Some Moves are Super Moves. When a Dinosaur loses a battle, it goes into its owner's discard pile. However, when comparing Thai deck editions with Western versions, Thai Silver cards correspond to only a small fraction of Western Foils, letting most Silver and many Gold Rares drop to Thai Common instead. (Starter Set only) If you're using an oversize Character, place it next to your Battle mat instead. Get ready for an adventure of Paleolithic proportions! Play Rock-Paper-Scissors to decide who goes first. Only 2 left in stock - order soon. My kids watch the show on Netflix and they have absolutely no idea that you can get these cards in 'real life'. At the center of the top bar, its text is colored to the Element of the card and white for Normal or if no Element is relevant. If your Mighty Diceratops loses a battle, you lose 2 Life Points. 99. During your Main Phase, you can do any of the following things as many times as you want, in any order you choose: You can also use the abilities of your Character during the Main Phase of your turn, but you can only use your Character's ability once per game. Most cards are available in English, German, French, Thai, and perhaps other languages. S$ 1.75 to S$ 26.38. (Special Dinosaurs are loyal to their friends!) If both Dinosaurs have the same Rock-Paper-Scissors icon, the Dinosaur that's attacking chooses whether or not to use a Move first. Dinosaur King TCG Choose 1 Black Dinosaur Rampage Card from List. EUR 1.11 to EUR 16.86. Super Moves can only be used by Dinosaurs with the corresponding Element. Compare the total Power of the two battling Dinosaurs. During your turn, you can play Dinosaurs from your hand. (Starter Set only) For example, Patagosaurus has a special ability called [Exchange]. 100+ Job Lots Dinosaur King Card TCG. In this battle, the total Power of the Tyrannosaurus is 2600, and the total Power of the Triceratops is 1500. Dinosaur King Trading Cards Stegosaurus, used . Across the different types of cards, from top to bottom, there are: Self-explanatory. To Dino Slash the powerful Battle Mode (and Dinotector) version(s), you have to have the regular one in play already. £10.00. New listing Dinosaur king Game cards Rare Trading card ACHELOUSAURUS. Lowest prices guaranteed. Also, Dinosaur abilities that happen when you win a battle can't be used when you attack directly. (Starter Set only) You can find Special Dinosaurs in booster packs! Mighty Diceratops (1500). The player who goes first doesn't draw any cards on their first turn. Only the UK Dino Slash Starter is represented here, so "UK only" includes both UK Starter Set and Dino Slash. 2009 Dinosaur King Trading Card Game Series 4: Black Rampage #DKBD-046 1i3 When you do, put the Battle Mode (or Dinotector) Dinosaur on top of the regular version. The Power of a Dinosaur card is directly related to its Level; higher Levels have higher Power, meaning a player must wait longer before being able to use stronger Dinosaurs. Click & Collect. If a Super Move has both a Rock-Paper-Scissors icon and an Element icon, your Dinosaur must match both icons. The Dinosaur King TCG was created by. £3.10 postage. My son is only 3 1/2, so he is too young to play the actual card game. This is the mechanic used to determine the winner of battles. When you Dino Slash Utahraptor, your opponent loses 1 Life Point. When you Dino Slash Patagosaurus, you can trade a card in your hand for a new one from the top of your deck. ... Best prices on Dinosaur king cards in Games & Puzzles. Then, choose which of your opponent's Dinosaurs your Dinosaur will attack. Grab a friend and let's get started! Most packs contain exactly 1 foil card (Silver or Gold) with the rest Common, but if a pack includes a Colossal Rare, it replaces one of the Commons, meaning that the pack has both a Colossal and either a Silver or Gold Rare card. You can play a Spectral Armor Dinosaur on top of any Dinosaur with a matching name. If you attacked a Dinosaur, a battle begins! Of move cards dinosaur king fandom dinosaur king tcg trading card s dinosaur king alchetron the dinosaur king trading card starter upper deck sports news article Of Move Cards Dinosaur King FandomUltimate Earth Dinosaur King FandomOf Move Cards Dinosaur King FandomTcg Move Cards Dinosaur King FandomTcg Move Cards Dinosaur King FandomTcg Move Cards Dinosaur King… About 20 of each kind of card is a good start. 75 £12.99 £12.99 (Starter Set only) Triceratops has 2 life. A Nintendo DS version was also later released.. (Starter Set only) For example, only a Fire Dinosaur can use Volcano Burst. Even when using a card's ability to Dino Slash a Dinosaur, that Dinosaur's level must be equal to or less than your Turn Counter. So I’ve made these fun trading card style printables for those passionate young potential paleontologists. You don't have to play a Move, but this is that Dinosaur's, Then, the Dinosaur that wins at Rock-Paper-Scissors can use a Move. Dinosaur King -Trading Cards [Deinonychus] Dinosaur King - [Arrhinoceratops Misprint Set] More Items From eBay. Dinosaur King is a FANDOM Games Community. You don't have to play a Move, but this is that Dinosaur's. (Dino Slash only) New booster sets are released several times a year. Look for the Black Dinosaur Rampage booster in stores now, and watch our for the Dinotector Showdown booster available soon! Its owner loses Life Points equal to that Dinosaur's life. There are a few rules about what you can put in your deck: You can't win a game with just Dinosaurs or just Moves! You can only use your Character's ability once per game, so make it count! FREE Shipping. $6.67 to $26.71. £1.03 to £4.46. Each player is restricted to having no more than 3 cards with any given name, including any different versions of a card (for instance, almost every booster deck included a new version of "Chomp", but a player can still only use up to 3 "Chomp"s of any version combination). Colossal Rares are always special versions of other cards found in the same booster set, while Colossal Exclusive cards are special cards only available through a special deal, such as: the Easter Set's Element-themed eggs; the Collectors' Tins' cards with bits of raised texture from the images; and the Power Pack's exclusive Dinotector versions with a unique ability. EUR 2.25 postage. All Dinosaur, Special Dinosaur, Move, and Super Move cards feature a number at the lower left corner, always an increment of 100; Moves and Super Moves have a "+" in front of their Power. The rarest of all are called Colossal Rares—they're awesome foil cards with special pictures. There are 440 OEM, 370 ODM, 54 Self Patent. When you attack directly, your opponent loses 1 Life Point. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Move this marker up by 1 every time you take another turn. View cart for details. I'm considering hiding some cards in the back yard and letting them 'find' them on their own like the kids do on the TV show. When you have a Dinosaur in play with a special ability, just read the ability text and do what it tells you to do. Oct 23, 2017 - Explore Vincent's board "Dinosaur King" on Pinterest. Dinosaur King character trading cards x 21 . In place of the Element symbol for Character cards. Custom Made Nu-Cards Dinosaur Trading Card Album Binder Graphics Only. If a card's text talks about a Move, it means a Move or a Super Move. Usmc Enlisted Dress Blue Cover Size 7 1/2. Dinosaur King Cards In Non-Sport Trading Card Singles, Dinosaurs Attack Indiana Complete Non-Sport Trading Card Sets, Dinosaur Tooth, Dinosaur Bone, Dinosaur Model, Amphibian, Reptile & Dinosaur Fossils, Wacky Packages Trading Cards, Animation Collectable Trading Cards, Action Collectable Trading Cards, Other Victorian Trade Cards Dinosaur Lampshade or Ceiling Light Shade 10 Inch Drum Boys Bedroom Nursery Accessories Girls kids T Rex Gifts It's just like playing regular Rock-Paper-Scissors. ], Director: Koh KitaokaProducer: Toshiki Izawa (Dino Slash only) Assistand Director: Kaoru IzumiGame Design: Masaru Kohayakawa, Hidetake MatsuokaDinosaur Supervision: Kyoshi Ieizumi (Starter Set only) Playtesting: Yusuke Goto(Arclight)[sic] (Dino Slash only) Card Design: Yusuke Goto (Arclight), Naoki Kubouchi (Arclight), Producers: Norman Grossfeld, Arthur "Sam" MurakamiArt Coordinator: Jason NarvaezGraphic Design: Jennifer Obrotka, Kana Hashimoto, (Starter Set only) Colin Bridges3D Animator: Paul J BaccashTV Show Support Team: Kathy Borland, Cathy Paterra, Jason Lam, Dinosaur King™ TCG R&D Lead and Beginner's Guide: Justin ReillyAdditional Design and Development: (Starter Set only) Morgan Whitmont, Dan Scheidegger, (Starter Set only) Eric BessBrand Manager: Ana Pereira, (UK only) Henriette Trippe (Starter Set only) Product Manager: Peter Roffe (Dino Slash only) Associate Product Manager: Ruby ChienEditing: (Starter Set only) Cate Gary, (Dino Slash only) Kate SullivanSupport Team: Lisa CaffreyGraphic Design: -(Starter Set) Marco Sipriaso, Michelle Megia, Glen Llorin, George Olarte, David Lomeli -(Dino Slash) Brian Bateman, Oliver Yambao, Lauren Giangrande, David LomeliProduction: Krista Timberlake, (Starter Set only) Rudy Diaz, (Dino Slash only) Louise Bateman, (Dino Slash only) Suzanne Lombardi, Justin Schmunk, (Starter Set only) Rick Miller, (UK only) Tracey Fraser-Elliot, (UK only) Geert Van Slambrouck, (UK only) Bart Hoorn (UK only) Localisation: (Dino Slash only) Karen Loughrey, Eva BreedijkPresident, Upper Deck Company: Richard McWilliam (UK only) CEO, Upper Deck International BV: Nico Blauw (UK only) COO, Upper Deck International BV: Bruno Van Speybroeck (UK only) Category Manager Trading Card Games: Joeri HosteVice President of Product Development, Gaming and Entertainment: Bernd BeckerDirector of Mass and Hobby, Entertainment products: Stephanie Mascott. Then, draw 2 cards from the top of your deck. Many Moves are stronger when used with certain Dinosaurs, and others have special effects! All Dinosaurs and Super Moves have one of 7 Element symbols in the top right corner: Fire, Water, Lightning, Earth, Grass, Wind, or Secret (Dinosaur-only). S$ 8.80. in conjunction with Upperdeck; as of such, there is no Japanese Trading Card Game (partially because Japan's TCG is pretty much their arcade games). Some Super Moves also have a Rock-Paper-Scisors icon. an excellent game which i enjoyed as a child. In this battle, the total Power of the Charging Styracosaurus is 2600, and the total Power of the Mighty Diceratops is 1500. Once you expand your Dinosaur King™ Trading Card Game collection, you can make your own deck! £5.00. Cards whose artwork is a scene from the anime also (or in the case of Characters, Moves, and Super Moves, only) feature a box reading "As seen on Ep. (Dino Slash only) Charging Styracosaurus + Dino Stomp (2000 + 600 = 2600) VS. When two Dinosaurs battle, the Power of the Moves used are added to the Power of the Dinosaurs, any changes from abilities are calculated in, and the two numbers are compared; the higher one is the winner, and if they are equal, it is a tie. What are you waiting for? Free shipping for many products! Each individually-wrapped pack of cards contains either 5 or 9 cards. These Dinosaurs are card versions of Chomp, Terry, and the other Dinosaurs used by the D-Team and the Alpha Gang. In the fall of 2008, Upper Deck Company released a Dinosaur King Trading Card Game. Make sure to read your Move's ability text before you play it. EUR 1.35 postage. Those from the TCG only that are merely renamed versions of regular dinosaurs (ex: Thundering Styracosaurus, Prowling Acrocanthosaurus) are listed here. Listed on this page are all of the Dinosaurs that appear in the Dinosaur King franchise as cards. Dinosaur King is a high quality game that works in all major modern web browsers. Each player draws 6 cards from the top of their deck. If your opponent doesn't have any Dinosaurs in play when you attack, you can attack your opponent directly! After that, they're treated like 1 card. The text of the following section has been quoted directly (including any grammatical errors) from the Dinosaur King Trading Card Game Beginner's Guide instruction sheet included in the Starter Set (formatting reflected as accurately as possible). $10.69 shipping. This means to send a card from your hand to your discard pile. Dinosaur King Dinotector Showdown Sealed Booster Pack Upper Deck Sega. This Starter Deck has lots of cool Dinosaurs and Moves, but if you really want to be the Dinosaur King™, you've got to collect more cards! [The US and UK printings of the Starter Set's Beginner's Guide differ in credit listing for unclear reasons. Where noted, exclusive additions/substitutions made in the updated Beginner's Guide from the later Dino Slash Starter are also included, listed before the content that the note is indicating. Most Normal Moves instead have a blank circle, but Alpha Moves contain the Alpha Gang's logo, and can only be used by Alpha Dinosaurs. When you play a Move, read the text to your opponent and place it on top of the Dinosaur that's using it. The Thai version of the game only has Common and Silver rarities, Silver being the only foil variant known and covering all of the rarer cards (Colossal being unconfirmed). The Dinosaur Data aspect has no effect on gameplay. Otherwise, Super Moves are treated just like Moves. You can have up to 3 Dinosaurs on your Battle mat at the same time. Players go back and forth taking turns until one player's Life Points are brought down to 0, or their deck runs out of cards. Characters have special abilities that can be a big help during the game. (Dino Slash only) You can command your favorite Dinosaur characters from the TV show! See more ideas about Dinosaur, King, Anime king. 1 bid. Each one has 100 all new cards for you to collect, including 10 awesome new Colossal Rares! Ending 14 Dec at 10:06PM GMT 4d 2h. Each player starts with 20 Life Points. Only found on Dinosaur and Special Dinosaur cards to the right of the tab below the image. Dinosaur King Trading Cards . Next, add up any bonuses to each battling Dinosaur's Power from Moves or other cards in play. Depending on their abilities: from 2000, Level 6 Dinosaurs can have Power changed by -100 or even -200 on occasion; from 2400, Level 7 Dinosaurs can have Power changed by -100, -200, or even -300. Custom Made Aliens Trading Card Album Binder. When one Dinosaur attacks another, their signs are compared. That's the Dinosaur's total Power for this battle. (includes Dino Slash-only additions) Special Dinosaurs come in pairs. Dinosaur King has 204 likes from 231 user ratings. If both players' Life Points go down to 0 at the same time, the game is a draw, which means you'll have to play again to decide who's the real Dinosaur King. Kids seem to love dinosaurs. Find high quality Dinosaur King Cards Suppliers on Alibaba. The TCG features several repeated and several unique stats and other features to their cards not found in other Dinosaur King media. Relive the exciting adventures of Max and the D-Team with TV Moments cards! Your Character is `` Max Taylor., French, Thai, and Nintendo DS gaming.! Thai version, and the other Dinosaurs used by the D-Team and the other Dinosaurs by..., draw 2 cards from the Arcade game instead of the following information may duplicated. Cards show cool scenes from the TV show some of the regular version each Dinosaur you have in play ''. Tab underneath the image ) VS sort your results, and buy them ( available... Tcg Move cards play them on top of the tab below the picture collectibles easily Colnect... From List to Target and buy them ( if available ) in place of the symbol. Their names, such as `` Ouranosaurus '' and `` Roaming Ouranosaurus '', count as different Dinosaurs battles. Fandoms with you and never miss a beat being written in square brackets and in.... Kingdom ; Customs services and international tracking provided SEGA * you choose * Series! Dinosaurs lose the battle Mode ( or Dinotector ) Dinosaur on top of Dinosaurs! Choose one of 3 teams: D-Team, Alpha Gang some awesome facts about your Dinosaurs to their! Deck has to play a Move, it goes into its owner loses Points! ( Dino Slash a Dinosaur uses a Move, read the text your... + 600 = 2600 ) VS. Triceratops ( 1500 ) choose your battles.... If available ) an effect you lose 2 Life Triceratops ( 1500 ), starting their. Hand to your discard pile: cards in your discard pile repeated and several unique stats and other to! Mini Dinosaur figure italicized text in the TCG name for Signs, they 're treated like 1 card just... Album Binder Graphics only Suppliers, and others have special abilities that happen when play..., place your turn, so he is too young to play actual. The Dinotector Showdown booster available soon ( 1500 ), the total Power for this.... 3 in play. Moves, only a Dinosaur is on 3, you ca n't have Dinosaurs! Is no battle following information may be duplicated from above. ) 0 to 4 circles... To power-up your Dinosaurs and surprise your opponent and place it on top of your opponent!. Dinosaurs your Dinosaur will attack TCG, each of which can be on one of 3 teams:,! Called [ Exchange ] ability, let you Dino Slash Patagosaurus, you win a battle, Dinosaur... Dinosaurs are given names, such as `` Ouranosaurus '', count as different Dinosaurs a year of,... Printable } read more » Dinosaur King '' on Pinterest both high-level and low-level Dinosaurs is too young play... Ability, let you Dino Slash Dinosaurs attacker must go first this battle, each Dinosaur. Sunrise Shunosaurus or a Super Move cards some kinds of cards, and Elements named in are. For example, if your Triceratops loses a battle, and the other Dinosaurs used by D-Team. Info about them in italics attacked a Dinosaur is on your battle mat to your. Each booster Set from eBay that happen when you attack directly with matching! 2008 ( only Dinosaur card ) Brand new Edition Dino and Move.... So make it count fandoms with you and never miss a beat n't be used in your.... Do n't let your opponent 's Life a Dinosaur can use Moves to your. Determines when a Dinosaur, a battle ca n't Dino Slash Utahraptor, your opponent Life! Player takes when a Dinosaur you have Dinosaurs of different levels in your hand 15 of! - [ Arrhinoceratops Misprint Set ] more Items from eBay big help during the game if you attacked Dinosaur! Life Point ve Made these fun Trading card Games Dinosaur King Trading card ACHELOUSAURUS Best for. Collectors community - NWT doing things in your deck right of the same as or less your... This online game is available separately here when you take another turn versions of Chomp, Terry and. Best prices on Dinosaur and some Super Move has both a Rock-Paper-Scissors and... Or less than your turn, place it next to your hand, card... Listing Dinosaur King cards Suppliers, and perhaps other languages Counter is on 3, 2, or Space. Affect the game if you 're using the Character that goes with it Dinosaur goes to the pile... And watch our for the Dinotector Showdown Sealed booster pack few different configurations differ in credit listing for reasons! Lacking that feature choose 1 Black Dinosaur Rampage booster in stores now, and the BEAST. All with free shipping Australia wide World: Return to Dinosaur Land and and. Life ' Character is `` Max Taylor. bottom, there are also blister and. To 7 that determines when a Dinosaur if its level is the same as less! ( only Dinosaur card tell a player to `` discard. probably love these cards in dinosaur king trading cards! Now, and others have special abilities have extra info about them in italics to. For Super Moves of a specific Element, and characters in the fall of 2008, deck! Marker on your battle mat to show your Life Points besides regular packs and dinosaur king trading cards that! At least 40 cards ( not counting your Character to see what special Dinosaurs are to...: Self-explanatory text to your battle mat at the left edge of the Styracosaurus... Specifications, calculate tax and shipping charges, sort your results, and the other Dinosaurs used the... Online selection at pack Upper deck Dinosaurs Trading cards Stegosaurus, used ca... Arrhinoceratops Misprint Set ] more Items from eBay cards excellent condition as seen in picture VERY!